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Brief History
Gauze Pharmaceuticals and Laboratories Ltd was established in the year 1992 but did not commence production until the year 2000. This delay was not due to inactivity but because it took time for the company to develop its products by testing them to confirm their quality.

In the year 2000, the company commenced the production of eight (8) products after receiving the nod from NAFDAC, and the Pharmacist Council of Nigeria (PCN).

The company has maintained a high level of discipline in he pharmaceutical manufacturing business. The company has had a clean ill by the various regulatory agencies (NAFDAC and PCN). This encouraged the company in 2003 to register more products.

Presently, the company over 30 products registered with NFDAC. It is pertinent to state at this juncture that the company has always strove and resolved to produce pharmaceutical products of high quality.

Gauze pharmaceuticals and laboratory limited has four distinct lines (sections) of production namely:
1. The Oral liquid line
2. The External Liquid line
3. The Beta-Lactam line
4. The Powder/ORS line

It also produces packaged water.

Gauze Pharmaceuticals is a wholly indigenous company whose vision is to produce high quality and genuine pharmaceuticals. It started with the production of Oral liquid and liquid external lines and as it grew, it extended to Beta-lactam and powder lines. With time, it intends to include solid dosage forms among its products.

Mission Statement
In line with the desire to produce safe, effective and affordable pharmaceutical products of high quality to needy consumers, Gauze Pharm. & Lab. Ltd undertakes to produce and supply good pharmaceutical products of the highest quality to meet the pharmaceutical needs of the people.

Quality Pharmaceutical Manufacturers.

Contact Address
Enu-Ifite Village, Near Govt. House Awka, Anambra State. Nigeria

  • Welcome to Gauze Pharmaceuticals & Labs.
  • Gauze Pharmaceuticals & Laboratories was incorporated in 1992.
  • In the year 2000, the company commenced the production of eight products after receiving the nod from NAFDAC authority, and the Pharmacist Council of Nigeria (PCN).
  • Presently, the company has over 30 products registered with NAFDAC.
  • Gauze Pharmaceuticals & Labs., have also embarked on importation of consumable items to satisfy her numerous customers.
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